30 March 2011

Hi everyone!

Hi everyone, my name is Paolo and with this blog I would like to investigate the fascinating mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls!

We will consider the several hypotheses that are around the Scrolls, one of the oldest documents of mankind’s history. First, we will describe what they are, where and how they were found. The following step will be to research something about their content and the possible interpretations of their translation. Then I will mention the mysteries and the legends written on them. The following post will be about my opinions and my conclusions about the research. The blog is also open to all of you, share your information, your discoveries and your opinions about this fascinating hystorical document.

Are you ready to begin this adventure throughout the centuries, which will bring us back to the 150 BC, to find maybe something about our roots and our origins??

Let’s start then!

'Sections of the Dead Sea Scrolls' [image], National Geographic, viewed 30 March 2011